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Home » What's New » Dr. Dors celebrates 25 years serving Grey and Bruce!

May 27th, 2014 marked the 25th anniversary of Dr. Dors practicing optometry in our area. After graduating, Dr. Dors initially practiced in Meaford before, he and Dr. Kaufman opened a second clinic in Owen Sound. In 2005, with Dr. Traynor, they opened a second clinic in Thornbury. According to Dr. Dors "Optometry has certainly changed over 25 years. Three quarters of what we learned in school is now obsolete. New technology, improved diagnostic and treatment capabilities, as well as ever changing material and vision correction options mean we can offer our patients far better care than when I graduated. It has been a great first 25 years and I'm sure the next 25 will be equally as interesting"
Thank you too all our patients who have made our practice so successful over the past 25 years.